Amateur Passion

Amateur Passion

Photography for me has been an escape and an amateur passion.  I don’t have the skill of the greats or the folks that do this full time.  I enjoy the adventure, and the memory captured in a visual way that preserves a moment in time.

Every image taken with a camera is entirely unique.  No two photos will ever capture the same detail, light, color, or position of the subject.  That’s what is really special about this for me.  All of these photos here are creations entirely different from anyone else’s.  They showcase my interests and loves, and my desire to reflect on things and places of beauty.

I don’t mind photography of people, but you won’t find any here.  I enjoy natural beauty, interesting destinations, and special events at a particular moment in time.  I hope you enjoy the galleries and photos presented here.  Feel free to browse, and you can purchase any of the images here for your own personal use.

Thank you for visiting, and keep coming back for new photos as I plan to post new images with some frequency.


Robert Griffin